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SealVer grows

Meanwhile we are at version 1.31 which means that SealVer had some big steps and new functionalities. Since version 1.20 you can also scan digital seals which include the profile “Social Insurance Card”. This profile was introduced by the BSI (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik) for the German “Sozialversicherungsausweis”. Starting in January 2017 the “Sozialversicherungsausweis” which is published by the “Deutsche Rentenversicherung” shall contain a barcode conform with the BSI TR-03137.

Beta Tester are welcome

The first published version of SealVer was published hasty ten days ago. Originally I planned to first release only a beta version for testers and later publish the app in the public Google Play Store. Things went different and the beta version was published in the public line. *sh* Meanwhile I had some time to improve the app and the setting menu was activated. Now also the document number will be displayed and you can deviced if you want to see the technical information of the digital seal (signer reference, date of signature) or not.

just started

SealVer was just published in the Google Play Store in Version 1.0. Feedback is highly welcome. For now it should read and verify all digital seal barcodes used in the German “Ankunftsnachweis”.